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A friend walks by and fucks her ass

It all started like any ordinary day. Camera on a tripod, Lenna was preparing to shoot a video for her subscribers, when she was interrupted by the doorbell.
One of her friends came to visit her unexpectedly and surprised her in a bathrobe. Explanations made, and having already shot a few short videos with him, the pretty blonde asks him if he feels like improvising a little scene. What normal guy would refuse such a proposal from this beautiful slut?
Freed from his pants, here he is getting sucked off by our co-producer, his cock hard and ready to explore some little pleasures hidden between his friend's thighs.
Lenna gets her pussy pounded the way she likes and, hot as fuck, she begs him to fuck her like a whore by taking her up the ass...
A nice improvised video with a perfect anal pounding, and a rascal who had balls full... You want to know why? Watch this video!
April 03, 2023
The beautiful Irogenia's casting on REELX TV
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March 21, 2023
Alicia Dark shots her casting at ReelX TV
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March 11, 2023
Lenna gets her ass fucked by a Spanish actor
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March 06, 2023
Our actor fucks his girlfriend in front of their friends
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March 04, 2023
Samantha is horny for her casting (part 2)
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